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Downloads : 43
Platform allows to hold video meetings, with various interactions and backgrounds

Tools for group meetings are highly sought after. The goal is to have an option that is both easy to use and that does not cause connection problems. Because of this, it is difficult to find options in the market that are really effective in meeting all needs. One of the available models is the Zoom Meeting.

This tool works via the web, that is, it does not have a downloadable application and its use is carried out from a website. Because of this, Zoom is a great option for those who need to save space on the computer and, at the same time, participate in meetings.

This platform has more than one account option, each of which has its limitations and destinations. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate, it is necessary to observe the specific demand in relation to the platform.

Download Zoom
To access and schedule a meeting using this platform, you must log on to the site. On the home page, several options are presented, such as joining a meeting or holding a meeting.

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Within these options, it is possible to choose which method you want to connect to: with video, without video or sharing screen. The choice takes the login page and the option to connect the Google account to the Zoom system, for example.

How to Use Zoom
After completing access, the platform releases the home page, with information about scheduled meetings. On the left side is the menu, with options, such as scheduling meetings and updating the profile. In the upper corner, you have the plan information.

To start a meeting, you need to schedule it. In this space, the information of participants is inserted, in addition to technical data, such as password for access and who has the possibility to connect the video. There is also the possibility of recording the meeting on the computer.

Zoom also allows Webinars to be held, which are mass broadcast events. The platform also offers the option of saving in the cloud, in which the information is saved within the space chosen by the user.

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