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Downloads : 7
Microsoft's video editor is in the throes: more beautiful and with more effects

Windows Movie Maker, which is part of Windows Essentials 2012, is no longer available for download. Try the new Movie Maker 10.

Windows Live Movie Maker has extensive support for high definition videos and compatibility with the most popular devices on the market. This means that you edit high-quality videos from different devices, including a cell phone and a state-of-the-art camera.

This version of Movie Maker reaches maximum compatibility with Windows, taking advantage of all the best that the latest operating system from Microsoft offers. It is recommended for the creation of short films and photo presentations in an easy way. This facility reaches its maximum level with the Auto Movie feature, which simply creates a movie out of your photos and videos in less than a minute.


Your name is no longer “Live”
In the 2012 version, Windows Movie Maker gained the visualization of sound waves, freeing the possibility of adjusting the audio to keep it synchronized with the images. In addition, another option added is responsible for emphasizing the background music or maintaining only the audio of the video, something good for those who usually narrate the images presented with a background music.


Video Stabilization is a function of the Movie Maker exclusive to Windows 8, making use of OS hardware management to improve the quality of shaky videos recorded via mobile phone. It has also entered into partnerships with the AudioMicro, Free Music Archive and Vimeo Music Store services, allowing you to add music to your videos without worrying about copyright.

If you had trouble adding subtitles to your videos, Movie Maker gained new editing options for text, making it possible to add highlights and other details so that the letters are not confused with the images in the background. In addition, since the H.264 format is very popular and is practically mandatory when uploading videos to many websites, it has become the standard for Windows Movie Maker.

Importing files easily
Adding photos, videos and a soundtrack to a Windows Movie Maker project can be done in an instant. You can either drag and drop files or click on the "Add videos and photos" button. Just select the desired content.

Auto Movie
Ease is the ultimate goal of Windows Movie Maker. A movie can be made in seconds, just add photos and videos, choose the track and activate Auto Movie. The editor will assemble everything with effects and transitions, creating a basic movie quickly. Reading like that seems easy, and it really is. There is no secret, just select the content and click on the "Auto Movie" button.

Basic options

It is clear that it is possible to continue editing, modifying any aspect desired. The key point of this feature is that “dirty work” is done for you in no time. You can either accept the result or continue editing to improve it.

The timeline
Deviating entirely from the standard of video editors, the Windows Movie Maker timeline does not cross the screen horizontally, creating different lines from top to bottom. It has more than 60 transitions, 18 zoom options and 20 visual effects that can be applied, as well as features such as crop, split and fade.

They are effects such as cross-fade, dissolution, pixelate and others to improve the montages. With the project open, simply access the "Animation" tab to display the transition options. All of them can be previewed, modified and removed. They are hearts, stars, diagonals and other types.


The "Visual Effects" tab shows the effects possibilities. There are variations of tone, filter changes, turns, etc. Effects and transitions are applied to each frame individually, making it easy to edit and remove them. This amount of effects takes Windows Live Movie Maker to a richer level of editing, the kind that is more than just putting together videos and photos.

Sharing made easy
Once ready, a video can easily be uploaded to YouTube via a program menu. In the "Sharing" area, the YouTube button is easily identified. Just log in to your account and follow the instructions, providing title, description, tags, category and permissions for your video. Click "Publish" and your video will be on YouTube quickly.

It is also possible to upload it to Facebook via a plug-in. Other shipping options will be added in the future. Burning a movie to DVD or saving it in high definition is also easy, as is reducing the quality to save it on a cell phone, for example. All possibilities are represented in the "Sharing" area.

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Supported files

Windows Media Video (WMV);

Windows Media, DV-AVI;

3GP and 3GPP;

MPEG-1 and MPEG-2;

JPEG, Motion JPEG;








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