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Downloads : 2

WhatsApp web
WhatsApp Web, as its name suggests, is a program for you to access the application of the same name directly through your browser.

This is an official version of the WhatsApp developers with the aim of facilitating the way you chat when using your computer.

However, to use the program it is necessary that you have the Google Chrome browser installed, as the service is only compatible with that browser. Likewise, you must have an active WhatsApp account, created through your smartphone, as well as activate the service, as shown below.

Activation of WhatsApp Web online
Once you have an active service account on your smartphone, activating WhatsApp Web is really simple, you need to open your mobile app and, on the contacts screen, press the options button available in the upper right corner of the screen.


That done, select the alternative "WhatsApp Web" and confirm its use. So, just bring the reader open on your smartphone to the QR code displayed on the service's homepage and wait a few moments. At the end of the procedure, your conversations are displayed on the browser screen so that you can use the application.

Still, it is important to note that your device must remain connected for data to synchronize. The ideal is to opt for a WiFi connection, to avoid overusing your operator's plan.

Accessing WhatsApp directly from the computer
Even though WhatsApp does not require large presentations, for those who do not know it, it is a simple instant communicator for exchanging messages via smartphone. The program offers the possibility to set up individual or group text conversations in which it is possible to include images, photographs taken on the spot, videos, documents and even their location.

The WhatsApp Web interface is practically identical to that displayed on mobile devices and also resembles, in a way, other existing applications for the task. As soon as you open the program, it shows the contacts on the left side and, for each one, the history of the conversations carried out by the version installed on your smartphone (if you have recorded activities).

When selecting a contact, the space on the right side becomes available for you to carry out the conversation. Sending a text is done just by typing the desired phrase and using the Enter on the keyboard or the button available on the program screen. The emoticons are right next to the message box and have the same traditional organization as the app.

The web version of WhatsApp only allows you to attach images that are on your computer (including the “drag” system to the application's screen) and photographs taken on the spot by your webcam. As with the mobile app, you can view the contact's profile and general information for each individual or group.

File sharing has a specific button to complete the action, located at the bottom of the interface. If you want, you can also activate notifications on the desktop and always know when someone sends you a new message and your browser is minimized, for example.

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