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Funciona em: Windows
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Downloads : 10
Create magnificent audio compositions and transmit them

Virtual DJ is an application that puts you in charge of a digital mixer, all in front of your computer.

If you've always wanted to know what it's like to be a DJ, this is a very interesting virtual alternative that has several advanced features.

As with a traditional table, you can put two tracks to play, one on each side, and mix with the two or alternate the playback smoothly. You can, for example, use a headset to listen to one side of the table while music on the other side is playing through the speakers. Use the advanced tools to create samples and tweak other track details.

Scratch system

DJ in front of the PC
The main function of Virtual DJ is to allow you to perform all the main functions of a remix table, without having to actually have one. It has several interesting aspects for you to play, including even two virtual vinyls, which allow you to scratch - that sound when you rotate the discs back and forth, making the "scratch".

Improved button interface

If you know some famous media players, such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, you will not find it difficult to use Virtual DJ. Its most basic tools are easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes playing with the program to start the first mixes.

Easily manage added music
As a way to allow easy use of all available resources, the program has a practical file browser that allows you to quickly access all folders on your computer, simulating iTunes. You can import everything you need for this program and use it to compose the playlists that will be played.

When you click on any folder, a list is displayed with all compatible files present in it, and just click on a track to display it on a system similar to that of iTunes Cover Flow. Next to the file, the number of beats per minute of the sound is displayed, which allows to better determine the sequence of the songs played and which can be played at the same time.

Special effects

Stir everything ahead!
There is no better way to learn to use this software than to move all the buttons, bars, tabs and all the places where something is written. Let the songs play while you do this and see what happens, identifying dozens of interesting possibilities with the program.

You can even handle two songs at the same time, which is essential to liven up parties. In this way, you alternate between the end of one and the beginning of another in different players, without the sound stopping for that. There are also special effects to apply to the tracks, in addition to the possibility of recording your mixes.

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