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Downloads : 45
Update computer drivers automatically

Computers are fantastic machines, too bad they are not perfect. With the accelerated creation of new hardware components, it is common for manufacturers to develop improvised software for the functioning of devices.

Some basic incompatibility problems may occur, but programmers are always creating new drivers so that the cards operate in the best possible way. Unfortunately, no one has time to update their PC every day. In fact, it is no longer necessary to search the web for new drivers, as Slim Drivers does this task for you.

When starting Slim Drivers for the first time, you will notice the enhanced functionality of the program. The modern interface guides the user to update the drivers in a few seconds. Unfortunately there is no translation into Portuguese, however the buttons and large information facilitate the use of the application.

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On the program's initial screen, the basic configuration of your PC is displayed and a summary of the updates that are available (information about the available updates only appears when the user performs the first scan). After the user decides to download the new drivers, the program displays a screen with the list of hardware devices that will be updated.

Safety and efficiency
Slim Drivers looks like a simple program, especially since it is in the testing phase, however the developers have included several features to provide security to the user. When making any changes to the PC, the program offers the possibility of creating a restore point, a very important activity to guarantee the stability of the system.

It is important to note that Slim Drivers does not install updates automatically, requiring the user to complete the installation guide alone. After successfully adding the new driver, the application will request a restart of the PC to complete an update and start another download.

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