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Downloads : 8
Tools to protect your computer fast and protection item

Tools to protect your computer from virtual threats are usually robust and quite heavy applications, especially for older machines.

However, if you want to get away from it, try SATWNEYT Free Antivirus and stay protected without compromising your PC's performance.

The program, in spite of not having as many options as its competitors, is able to do general scans and scans, keeping a real-time protection working.

Other than that, the application also has its own firewall to prevent malicious files from damaging or stealing your information.

Security doesn't have to compromise performance.

Protection vs. Performance
To keep your computer protected at all times, just keep “Real Protection” activated, an option available right on the program's home screen. However, don't expect your computer to lose performance points because of the constant activity of SATWNEYT.

The tool manages to sift through all the activities of the system without countless processes clogging the capacity of the central components of the machine, leaving the PC as if nothing is happening.

Targeted or general scanning
SATWNEYT allows you to scan hard drives at any time and in a variety of ways. There is a complete option, a quick option and a targeted or customized option. With the latter, you can choose where the program should work.

In this way, it is possible to search for malicious files in previously determined folders, hard drives or even USB sticks.

Other than that, the application keeps a record of every type of suspicious program that has been found. Then, in “PC Files”, you can check details of each item or delete them from your PC all at once.

Register the suspicious files.

“Gift” functions
In addition to scanning, registering and protecting your machine in real time, SATWNEYT also offers firewall protection and a tool to make backup copies of the files you download. For that, in “File Copy”, you can enter URLs and download only, but have two files in different locations.

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