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Downloads : 148
The newest Android emulator that works in version 5.1

LDPlayer - Android Emulator
Since cell phones have completely evolved into smartphones and transformed people's lives, electronic games have also not been left behind and have improved their graphics and gameplay, brought multiplayer and even retro games have had their place on mobile devices.

Currently, mobile games have a legion of fans, with games like Free Fire, Cod Mobile and others among the main competitive passions of players. However, the community's “complaint” regarding mobile devices has always been limited controls.

The cell phone, with its touchscreen, has always been a reason for accessibility in several spheres, however, in games, especially in the competitive scenario, the screen and controls are one, that is, to carry out the movements, it is necessary to position the fingers where they are viewing the entire game.

Furthermore, although the size of the screen has increased over time, it can never compare to a monitor, for example. Because of this, the android emulator has become the best way to perform with quality in competitive games for mobile.

Although some games already include a download for computers thinking exactly about the players, not all have this alternative. This is the main reason for using an android emulator on your computer.

One of the new alternatives is LDPlayer, which has just been launched to compete with the most optimized emulators online. That's because, like BlueStacks and Memu, which are quality emulators, it works with Android 5.1, something that the other emulators are not possible because they work with version 4.4.

The use of this version, allows you to download better and more advanced applications, games that only work from 5.1, in addition to having access to more interesting settings.

As for the interface, we can compare the new Android emulator with Nox, another program well known to players for being easy and simple to use and configure to start playing.

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