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Downloads : 21
Organize and share your video and music library with any device

When it comes to multimedia center for different platforms, Kodi is an important name in the industry. With this tool, you create a true Netflix with the contents of your own computer using a more organized interface than simply one that brings files separated by folder.

This is the successor to the old XBMC, in which you can manage all the videos, music and images on your PC in one place. The application's differential in relation to its competitors is the possibility of reproducing its digital media on any device, such as smartphones, tablets and SmartTVs.

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Enhanced and updated libraries
One of the first steps to using the program is to configure the default content folders. For example: if you go to the "Videos" tab and search for movies, you won't find anything; for this to happen, you must click on “Browse” and find the place where you store all your feature films and series.

To see images and music, the process is the same. However, playing content in this way does not differ much from the conventional way, that is, as when opening with Windows Media Player, Gallery or other programs, such as VLC. Kodi's biggest highlight is its add-ons.

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In a film, for example, you can search for synopses, reviews and even cover and box images to complement the information provision, making the interface very similar to that of paid streaming services, such as Netflix, Crackle and Hulu, with support for controls and joysticks. We can follow the same example with the songs, downloading album covers, lyrics and more.

Plugins and programs to complement
Integration with third-party plugins is perhaps the main differentiator of the program. Because it is open source software, many people develop additional applications for Kodi. This makes it one of the most customizable utilities on the market. Have the movie, but forgot the subtitle? Just look for a plugin that automatically downloads it.

Among the compatible add-ons, we have JDownloader, uTorrent, Web Viewer, Last Episode, Facebook Media and dozens more. Some news portals offer applications, such as GiantBomb and Engadget, allowing you to read news and watch videos without closing the platform.

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The appearance and options of the Kodi are also customizable. If you don't like the design, there are hundreds of other visual alternatives. In other words, it is possible to change almost any configuration of this multimedia center.

Use on any device
Another Kodi differential is the streaming of content directly from your machine. The program is compatible with UPnP - Universal Plug and Play - technology, a system that allows a simple and fast connection between two devices.

So, just configure in the options to transmit your digital media to Android devices, iPhones, SmartTVs etc. In addition, the software is compatible with many remote controls, creating an experience similar to watching movies and series on TV or DVD players.

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What's new in version 15
Among the news in relation to version 14, we have some important elements. One is official support for a variety of languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. The video chapter selector has also been improved, making navigation much easier. In addition, exchanging audios and subtitles is now easier, as the interface has been redone.

Another problem that users faced was when it was time to move forward and rewind a movie. Each time a key was pressed, the video was advanced - or rewound - in a constant stretch - for example, a minute and a half. Now, the more times the button is pressed, the bigger the jump in the timeline.

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