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Downloads : 30
Baidu Antivirus is 100% free and protects your computer from viruses and malware

Baidu Antivirus is a complete and completely free protection software that will protect your computer against threats and virtual pests.

The main difference of Baidu Antivirus to its competitors is that this application is completely free, that is, you do not have to pay extra to be able to access the most advanced tools, as it happens in other programs of its kind. Here, everything is available from the start.

Baidu does not restrict the most advanced functions of the program, nor does it require prior registration in order to obtain an activation license. Baidu Antivirus can also be installed on as many computers as you want, whether at home or at the company.

Baidu Antivirus is free and has three main scanning modes. The three are designed to find malicious programs on your computer, but each works differently. See what each one of them does:

Full Scan: it is the safest mode of all. It serves to analyze the entire contents of your computer, including all hard drives and programs installed on the machine;
Quick Scan: here only critical locations of the computer are analyzed, such as folders, system startup and memory, among others. Baidu recommends using this option weekly;
Custom Scan: here you can choose what to scan. You can select entire disks or just folders on your computer.
If all else fails or if your computer is already infected to the point of malfunctioning, the solution is to use System Repair through the application's Toolbox. This function (which is even more efficient in Baidu Antivirus 2015) helps to repair the damage that a virus has caused to your system, checking for possible damaged areas.

Three scan engines
Baidu Antivirus works with three different search engines. Thus, it is as if you have three antivirus software installed on your computer at the same time, one complementing the other. So if one engine happens to miss something, the other two are ready to recognize the malicious code.

Baidu Antivirus 2015

The first engine is Baidu itself, developed by the creator of the antivirus. The second is Baidu Cloud, a security service in the cloud. The third engine is Avira, the same as the antivirus of the same name.

Remember that the Avira engine is not activated by default. To activate it, click on the umbrella icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select the "Enable" option in the frame that is displayed.

USB protection
One of the most common methods of transmitting viruses between computers is the sharing of USB sticks and disks. To ensure the safety of your machine, as soon as you connect such a device it is automatically examined by the software.

Baidu Antivirus also opens an icon on the taskbar, in the shape of a pendrive and with the colors of the software, every time you connect a pendrive to the machine. By clicking on this icon, you open a list with some options, among them the possibility to safely disconnect the device, scan the drive again or access the USB protection settings.

USB protection

Within the settings screen, it is possible to disable USB verification completely or change between normal mode, which displays the flash drive icon on the screen after the end of the analysis, or automatic, which displays the contents of the drive on the screen as soon as the verification is completed. performed.

Targeted security
You may also want to analyze the contents of a USB stick directly through Windows Explorer. To do this, just right-click on the drive icon and select the Baidu Antivirus scan option.

This feature can also be used to analyze files independently, as an item you just downloaded and left on the Desktop. Just follow the same procedure: right click and activate the scan with Baidu Antivirus.

The program interface allows an accurate selection of the items you want to protect on your computer. It is possible to activate each one independently, including internet services, browsers and downloads.

It is worth noting that one of the three engines available in Baidu Antivirus is based on the cloud, that is, you can send your files to Baidu's servers so that they can be analyzed efficiently.

Full scan
Baidu Antivirus has a real-time protection system that is active at all times to ensure the security of your computer. This means that all open or running files will be analyzed on the fly.

This protection model has three levels: Fast, which is a little less secure, but uses little system resources; Standard, which offers more security; and Strict, which forces all files to be scanned, but can consume some system resources.

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