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Downloads : 19
A faster remote computer is possible

AnyDesk is a tool that allows you to remotely control any computer running Windows, Linux or OS X and even portable devices such as iOS and Android tablets.

The app basically connects two computers and mirrors the Desktop of each other and, with that, you have total control over the other device, being able to even hear the sounds emitted by the controlled device.

It is also possible to control several at the same time by opening new AnyDesk windows. This is done through the “+” button in the upper left corner of the app window. Still, whenever you disconnect from a computer, its records are stored in the program, allowing you to connect to it more quickly in the future, avoiding opening multiple windows simultaneously so as not to waste time.

Start a session
To start a new connection, you need to run AnyDesk - it does not require installation, but if you wish, you can install it anyway - and check the ID that appears in the "This workspace" field. If you are going to control someone else's PC, ask them for that ID and paste it into the next field. If not, you are the one who must provide the ID to the controller.

After taking and pasting the ID of who you are going to control, click on “Connect” and wait for the person to accept the call. Right after that, you will be able to see that person's Desktop in the AnyDesk window and be able to move around at will, as if you were sitting in their place.

Note, however, that there may be delays and, to communicate with that person, you need to use a chat or even make a call to the other user, since AnyDesk does not have an integrated messenger.

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