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Downloads : 12
the chance to use controls in PC games even when that's not possible?

It is not difficult to find people who definitely could not adapt to the keyboard and mouse to play. However, still, among these, there are those who want to have fun in some old computer game and, in addition, use a joystick. And therein lies the question: how to break this barrier?

For situations like these there are programs like antimicro. Its main function is to give the player the opportunity to pass the functions of the keys to a control, also including in this list the mouse, its movement, scroll bar and even the clicks with the left and right buttons - all to try to offer the player the most complete experience using the video game accessory.

Before you leave using the controller in any game, however, you need to invest a few minutes by assigning a function to each button. It is at that moment that the player needs to explore each of the options present here, since there are some tabs to find each of the possible functions.

Those who use the antimicro will realize that it offers the option of saving eight different profiles, giving the player the opportunity to record, for example, a setting that is useful for a real-time strategy game, another favorable to shooting titles. in first person and even one for platform games. It all depends on how you want to use it.

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