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        Jaumo 8.3.2
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 27
        • Size 49.07MB
        • Update 02.03.2021
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        Version 8.3.2 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 27 Atualizado em : 02.03.2021 Jaumo


        Encontre o amor da sua vida
        YouLove (formerly Pink) is a Tinder- or Badoo-style dating app that lets you find true love. That's the idea, at least. Other apps are for finding friends or hookups, but YouLove is for finding the real thing. The first thing to do in YouLove is create a user account with your Facebook details or a normal email address. It's a good idea to add as much personal info as you can, as this helps users know whether they want to chat with you. The way YouLove works is identical to similar apps: swipe right to show you like someone and left if you're not interested. If you tap a photo you can see all the info about that person. When there's a match, the two of you can strike up a conversation. Inside the options you can configure your filters. The first one lets you select whether you're interested in men, women, or both. The next one lets you set up the age range you're most interested in. And finally you can set the max geographical distance you want to see profiles for. YouLove is an interesting dating app that, like all apps of this kind, is useful exclusively to the extent that the people on it are real people.


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