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        Logo Repair Battery Life Icon

        Repair Battery Life

        Myers Darius 3.52
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 9
        • Size 2.69MB
        • Update 04.01.2021
        Logo Repair Battery Life Icon

        Repair Battery Life

        Version 3.52 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 9 Atualizado em : 04.01.2021 Myers Darius


        When the battery on your Android device is too old it usually starts failing, and needs to be charged more and more frequently. Repair Battery Life is a practical application with which you can give your device some extra minutes of life, repairing some of the problems that might come up. This application scans every sector that makes up the battery hardware and analyzes the parts that are inactive, the ones that are healthy, and the ones that are working slowly. Once you have the map of your battery status, you can restore it and solve some of its problems. The first time you open the application the analysis can take some minutes, but once it is finished you won't need to use Repair Battery Life in some time. It works very similarly to those apps that kill inactive processes, lengthening your battery life. It also incorporates information on your battery's status, the type of technology it uses, its charge, voltage, and temperature; helping you know when it will be time for it to be replaced.


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