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        Fyzer Music

        developer 1.0.9
        • License Free
        • 0
        • Downloads 4
        • Size 7.96MB
        • Update 16.12.2020
        Logo Fyzer Music Icon

        Fyzer Music

        Version 1.0.9 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 4 Atualizado em : 16.12.2020 developer


        Descubra e escute milhares de músicas
        Fyzer Music is an interesting tool where you can listen to loads of songs and discover new music – all over an attractive interface where you can explore the different sections until you come upon your favorite album or artist. The way Fyzer Music works is quite simple and the app has various resources so you can listen to the best music. First you have access to a category where you'll find the most popular songs or most played playlists of the moment. In addition, Fyzer Music has menus where you can check out every project from each artist, albums in tons of genres, or music categorized by style so you pick exactly what you want to hear. Another of the interesting options is that the app lets you download some of the songs on your device so you can listen to them at any time with no connection. If you want to enjoy a bunch of music right from your Android, Fyzer Music is one of those Spotify-style apps that gives you the option to find endless popular songs while discovering new tracks and styles.


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